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When you visit the shops to browse for new clothes, do you often find yourself unsatisfied with the selection? Maybe you can find something you like, but as soon as you look at the price tag, the item ends up right back on the rack — it's simply too much to pay for what you would receive. You don't have to stay beholden to the whims of the mainstream fashion industry, though. With access to the right types of fabric and some skills of your own, you can do what humans have always done for thousands of years: you can make your own clothes.

Perhaps you've already tried your hand at creating your own clothes before and have some experience, or maybe you're just breaking into this hobby for the first time. In either case, a convenient place to buy linen fabric online can not only give you access to the best quality materials but can also serve as a place of inspiration. At Emerald Fabric Boutique, we have a broad selection suitable for many types of clothing — and we're always looking for the next best thing to inspire our customers, too. So, you've found a terrific source for fabric, now what should you keep in mind as you prepare to start filling out your wardrobe?

What to know before you start sewing your own clothes

Before cutting out your linen fabric it is advisable to wash first. This will ensure that your linen fabric will not shrink once your garment has been constructed.

Deciding the type of clothing you want to make is the first and most important step, as it will determine many of the decisions you make afterwards. For example, when you purchase linen fabric online, consider doing so to create clothing that leans more towards loose-fitting rather than body-hugging. The lightweight material is best for airy items such as dresses or loose tops designed for wear during the summertime. For other types of clothing, woven, or knit cotton may be the better choice depending on the intended application.

Determining how much fabric you require is important as well. Some items, such as skirts, require far less fabric than others, like a full-length pair of trousers. Most clothing patterns will helpfully indicate the length of the fabric each project requires. If you aren't certain about precisely how much you need, though, don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

Buy linen fabric online today to get your new project started

With these things in mind, you can start purchasing linen fabric online in Australia and preparing to start creating your own apparel with your needs and comfort at the forefront. Explore our linen options now, or check out our latest arrivals to see the newest materials available. When you purchase from Emerald Fabric Boutique, enjoy prompt, fast shipping — we dispatch orders for linen material in Australia the same day whenever possible, and the next business day for all other orders.

Our experienced, friendly staff have a deeply developed understanding of both sewing and the many types of fabric on the market. Have questions about what would work best for your project, or need some guidance before you begin? Use our online contact form to reach out for answers today.