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Viscose fabric is one of the most popular fabrics to sew with and wear. This fabric – so closely related to rayon that the terms are essentially interchangeable – has fantastic drape and movement, usually doesn’t need a lining, and is very easy to care for. However, getting the best results from your viscose fabric involves knowing a few things about how to work with it. Here are some tips to help with your next project.

Choose a quality fabric

When you buy viscose fabric in Australia, you want to make sure you’re buying the best material you can find. There are a variety of different fabrics to choose from; some are thicker and sturdier while others are thinner and can snag more easily. Others have a texture that can make cutting more of a challenge. Make sure that you are buying a good-quality fabric and your sewing project will ultimately turn out much better.

Start with a small project

Some people find viscose a bit frustrating the first time they work with it. When working with a tricky material for the first time, it’s a good idea to stick with a small, simple project. A child’s dress or simple women’s top would be great for your first attempt. When you gain confidence with the material, you can move on to something larger or more complex.

Prewash and dry the fabric

Most viscose can be machine washed and tumble dried – one of the reasons so many people love this fabric. However, it can also shrink. That means you should wash and dry your material before you get started to avoid shrinkage after your garment has been completed. There is no need to wash viscose fabric in hot water. As soon as the fabric is dry, remove it from the dryer and fold neatly to avoid wrinkling and stretching.

Use fine-tipped pins and small sewing needles

Stock up on fine-tipped pins and small sewing needles. Some viscose fabrics can snag easily and larger pins and needles can leave holes in your fabric. It’s also important to use new, sharp needles, as older ones may also create holes in the fabric.

Viscose Fabric properties

Viscose fabric with superb drape and silk–like feel retains its rich brilliant colours. Its cellulosic base contributes many properties similar to those of cotton and other natural fibres. Viscose is moisture absorbent and viscose is comfortable to wear.

Where to buy viscose fabric online

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