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What you wear is part of who you are, your personality, interests, and most times, your identity. If you sew your clothing that’s even better because it’ll be exactly as you want it, something that’s made just for you and expresses you perfectly. No one else will have what you have. That’s why it only makes sense to use the highest quality fabrics when it comes to sewing up your one of a kind fashion. Of the online fashion fabric stores out there, choose one that you can trust to provide you with only excellent products. Choose Emerald Fabric Boutique.

We’re a retail fabric store, offering high-quality fabrics for fashion, bridal, evening and many more creations. With our online store and a shop in Emerald, Central Queensland, we’ve been in the business for 14 years and continue to grow annually due to our tried and tested products and outstanding customer service. Whatever the occasion, whether it is for a wedding, work, school, or leisure, you’ll find something that works for you from our impressive collection.

A Fashion Fabric Store That Has Every Kind of Fabric Imaginable

Trends may come and go but not your fashions. Clothing can be expensive and depending on the type of situation a piece of clothing is called for, investing in high-quality fabrics that won’t fray, fade, tear or fall apart in a matter of uses or washes is essential. Our collection is durable and built to endure the toughest activity, including children’s play. So, rest easy ordering our fashion fabrics online that will give you more wears than pre-made styles.

You can create everything with our fabrics, such as everyday clothing, suits, covers and more. Choose from a trendy variety of fabrics in blended, cotton, flannelette, polyester, rayon/viscose, voile, knit, mesh, linen, and denim. We have the finest range of denim in Australia, stocking close to 40 styles. No matter what you have in mind for you next denim jacket, dare we say, denim shirt, we have the right fabric for you.

Let Us Fill the Gap Providing You with the Perfect Fabrics to Achieve Your Clothing Dreams

If you find yourself struggling to find a specific piece of clothing that will look perfect on you and fit your style, search our boutique fabrics online to find the right material to sew precisely what you want. Save time over searching around for fashions and fabrics that don’t exist anywhere else. With our selection, you’re bound to find what you’ve wanted for so long, the only thing left will be your creative spirit to put everything together.

Order a sample to see for yourself the durability and vibrancy of our fabrics and if you’re passing by, visit our shop to view even more and receive friendly suggestions and recommendations from staff with years of knowledge in materials and sewing. You’ll feel right at home with our good old-fashioned country service. We offer free shipping in Australia for orders over $75, and we’re fast with shipping, dispatching orders the same or next business day. Contact us today to get started putting together a fashion wardrobe that’s one of a kind and only yours.