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Few hobbies are as satisfying as the ones that involve making something with your hands. For some, that means the kind of art one creates with pencils, pens, brushes, and pastels. For others, it means working with wood or metal. Does your passion lie in the world of needlework and sewing? Stitching together beautiful fabrics to create something brand new can give you quite the sense of accomplishment — and it can have practical benefits, too. Whether you opt to make your own clothing or a gift for someone else, this is a fun and engaging way to express your creativity.

Just as the knitter needs a dependable place to source quality yarn that will allow them to create beautiful things, you'll need a supplier for the fabrics that make your hobby possible. Searching for fabric material online does not have to be a time-consuming challenge, however. In fact, at Emerald Fabric Boutique, we proudly deliver a simple, straightforward experience so you can thoroughly enjoy the time you spend shopping. Our focus is always on delivering the same experience you would get in person: good, old-fashioned country-style service, where the focus is on you, the customer! Take a moment to consider what you can do with some of the fabrics we offer.

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Creating your own clothing is fun when you can access all the materials that it takes to recognise your vision. We provide high quality woven, knit, and linen fabrics with a variety of compositions. Whether you want something that is 100% cotton, or you have a project in mind that might instead require a polyester blend, you'll be able to locate everything in the quantities you require in our shop.

Our denim selection also allows us to stand out from other online fabric shops in Australia. Highly durable and resistant to fading while also providing lightweight comfort, many of our denim patterns are perfect for everything from loose-fitting tops to comfortable pants for everyday wear. Options as diverse as tie-dyed paisley to standard solid colours create the chance for a unique style that's all about your personality.

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Everyone involved in a creative pursuit knows that inspiration doesn't always wait for the most opportune moment to strike. When you have an excellent idea that you want to start creating right away, an online fabric store with quality materials and a fast turnaround time for orders is an invaluable resource. At Emerald Fabric Boutique, we bring the experience of shopping in a welcoming country store right in to your living room. Explore all our woven fabrics, and don't forget to check out the beautiful patterns on Liberty of London materials, too. We invite you to learn how to request a material sample before you purchase fabric online in Australia, or contact us with any questions you may have.