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The history of quilting is a long and storied one, and the evolution of the quilt from a strictly functional item to an expression of art and humanity has stretched out over centuries. Today, quilting is a popular hobby not only because it’s simple to learn and easy to transform into a group activity, but also because it offers unique opportunities for self-expression. Creating a quilt is a labour of love and gifting a quilt to a friend or family member can be a deep expression of love and kindness. Some families even pass down quilts created generations before as heirlooms to treasure.

Whether you're new to quilting or you're a seasoned veteran on the lookout for a new and dependable source of patchwork fabric, the Emerald Fabric Boutique is here to help you. With both patchwork and quilting supplies available here in our online shop, acquiring everything necessary for your next project is simple and hassle-free. A country store with a reputation for old-fashioned country service, we're proud to participate in carrying on the legacy of quilting by providing our customers with everything necessary to start new quilts and finish old projects. Take a moment to explore what you can achieve when you start purchasing our patchwork fabric online.

Choosing patchwork fabric to make your ideas a reality

Not everyone begins working on a quilt with a finished design in mind. Though you might opt for one of the quilting kits we have available if you'd like to create a cohesive-looking quilt right away, buying patchwork fabric online allows you to quilt one panel at a time. This method opens innumerable possibilities, and the unique visuals of our special panels allow you to weave in more directly personal expressions of your creativity as well.

Our expansive selection of patchwork fabrics encompasses not only child-friendly designs but also classic and elegant looks such as Jacobean patterns. The rich hues and soft textures these materials possess make them well-suited for quilts that anyone would be proud to display. Whether you're creating a quilt as a gift to parents of a newborn child or to commemorate an important life event, you'll have fast access to all the materials one might need.

Enjoy access to the best fabrics you'll find online

With so many options, your imagination is the only limit to what you can create with the products we offer online. At Emerald Fabric Boutique, we understand how passionate many quilters are about their craft. That's why we want to provide easy online access to materials that allow you to showcase that passion to its fullest extent.

View our cute and clever panel designs, or find the patchwork quilt fabric that best suits the idea you currently wish to develop. Have questions, or need some help making decisions that will allow your project to proceed smoothly? Our contact page is the fastest, simplest way to get in touch — we look forward to hearing from you.